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Don’t mess with success

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The greatest danger facing Americans is the intellectual zealot – sometimes called a “progressive” in the political arena – who seeks to establish a new international order.

I have always believed that the United States is the greatest nation upon earth and has no reason to be annexed to the rest of the world to survive. Those who want a new international order want a world government and a world religion, plus the right to make decisions for the rest of us, whom they view as incapable of making our own decisions.

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To accomplish this, they want to tell churches what they can preach. Furthermore, they want to seize all powers from the states and force them to only pass legislation that promotes their agenda.

The administration in Washington made it clear this past Wednesday that their aim was to establish an order that would include international values. American values would be thrown out the back door and we would all have to subscribe to a set of values believed and practiced worldwide.

Boys, – and that is what they are, wet behind the ears and destitute of wisdom – you are messing with success. Democracy, including the fruits of it – capitalism, which has provided jobs, and freedom of speech, religion and press, which have kept us strong – are all threatened by these change agents who seek to change a way of life that has kept us free for over 200 years and blessed untold millions.

No thanks, boys. You are insane and I don’t and can’t march to your diabolical music. I want to keep the America I was born into, and not the one some are trying to fashion from their feeble brains, while being unconcerned about the common man.

Even chimpanzees know better than to try to pull up their fruit-bearing trees or throw their peanuts into the nearest river.

God bless America, for the fools have taken it over.