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“We Held Hands All Day”- Getting Rid of Bias

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During the Civil Rights years, a first-grade white girl met a black girl on school’s first day. Because of segregation, the white girl had not associated with black people. But things changed, and integration made both little girls afraid. When the white girl returned home after that historic day, she told her mother that she sat next to a black girl in school. Her mother was tensed, anticipating the worst. She asked her little girl what happened. The child said, “We were both so scared that we held hands all day.” The problems of our day would move toward resolution if we could learn from these little girls and hold hands rather than making fists.

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Our world is pathetic, to say the least. And even among so-called “church-goers,” there are fists made when there should be handshakes and hugs. Real love is missing.

Real love would rid us of bias. We find it difficult to come up with honest answers because we are bias. We are bias when we first decide what we want to find rather than what’s really there. Bias people are inclined to see what they desire to see, rather than seeing what actually exists. Their individual bias gets in the way of logical thinking. We wrongly believe that whites make the better students, and blacks make better athletes. This is bias not truth. We also believe, and this is also false, that men should be doctors and women should be nurses. Unfortunately, young people today are viewed as untrustworthy, while those with gray hair are trustworthy. Bias people end up living their lives contrary to the actual truth.

People are bias against creation. Even though the human body is fearfully and wonderfully made, those who have espoused evolution are bias against creation. A single inner ear contains as many circuits as a telephone system of a large city. The human heart beats 40,000,000 times a year. The cells in the human body lined up side-by-side would encircle the earth 200 times. But these facts do not impress those who are bias against creation in favor of evolution.

Then people are bias in politics. They vote only for the party and not the man.

And no one can help from seeing the bias that is in religion. The people in the day of Christ were bias against Him, and even His hometown.

Racial bias is all around us. But we are on planet earth together and we need to try to live in harmony with each other. “Holding hands” is much better than “clinching fists.”