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Digging Pits

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Here is a proverb on wisdom: “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it…” (Ecclesiastes 10:8). Digging a pit is hard, but falling into it and getting out is even more difficult. The wrong act leads to trouble. One may dig a pit to ensnare another, but he may very well fall into it himself.

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Many a person in today’s times has dug a financial pit, allowing his wishes to supersede his needs, and the result has been devastating. A pit full of indebtedness is difficult, and sometimes impossible to get out of, if ever.

Here is a person who took his first social drink or habit forming pill, and becoming hooked he continued until he had dug a pit, into which he fell. Unable to get out he eventually went the way of the earth. Jail didn’t help. Rehab failed. And now he or she is in the grave from whence there is no escape.

Then there is the person who fancies himself, using today’s vocabulary, “a cool cat”, who uses his money and evil connections to foster his evil agenda, but fails to realize that he is digging a pit, into which he will eventually fall, and the end will be bitter. The end will come, and it won’t be pleasant. One day his money and evil connections will thrust him in the pit he has already dug, and all “the king’s horses” can’t get him out.

Digging pits is a dangerous business. Getting out of them is often impossible. A good civic ? and a dose of honesty would have prevented this catastrophe.