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Standing for Something

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Two elderly men were discussing the lack of standing for something today, and one of them quoted an old staying, “There’s nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow line and dead possums,” if that is the case, then the yellow lines and dead possums must be growing. To take a stand today on moral issues based upon “right” and “wrong” is to immediately become unpopular. Our entire population, at least at times, seems to be searching for “middle ground,” and as a result few are standing for anything.

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Our age is characterized by tolerance and a double first cousin called political correctness, and the result is a refusal to admit anything is truly right or wrong. An illustration of this philosophy is to be found in an article in U.S. News and World Report (July 21, 1997, p. 14) which it was said then ten to twenty percent of the students in many college classes would not say that the extermination of millions of Jews during Hitler’s regime was morally wrong, though they found it despicable. Isn’t it tragic that we are at the point in America that we are discussing whether the murder of millions of innocent people was wrong! What, oh what, is America coming to?

We must stand for something. And in regard to Christians, we cannot hide and stay in hiding. We must let it be known where we stand. It is not uncommon to hear another say, “ I am not taking a stand, “ no matter what is being discussed. What a silly statement! That person has already taken a stand. In fact, he had already contradicted himself. He is standing for not taking a stand! So he stands for something- not taking a stand.

Those who say they’ll not “take a stand,” are trying to promote themselves as agreeable people. Their position, however, is deceptive, for the word “tolerance” implies disagreement. They are trying to “straddle the fence,” and that is impossible.

We must take a stand, and it must be for the right things or else we’ll be left with nothing but a spineless legacy and condemnation.

There is no middle ground with regard to abortion, same sex marriage, homosexuality, drugs, and the legalization of immoral practices for revenue purposes. The is no middle ground on political issues such as wholesale immigration, lobbyists who are corrupting members of the state legislature, runaway land taxes and other issues for which we must oppose, for they are wrong.

No middle ground!