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Cross Country News

By: Misty Green
The Macon County Cross Country team hosted the 13th Annual Macon County Invitational Meet on August 28, 2010.
For the High School Boys team results, Cookeville came in first with a score of 37, followed by Beech 50, Station Camp 67, Riverdale 125, Macon County 147, Hendersonville 190, Lebanon 208, Gallatin 247, LaVergne 259, Portland 282, Merrol Hyde 325, White County 326, Central Magnet 335, Livingston Academy 372, Watertown 414.    


For the High School Girls Individual Results: 8th place Katie Hix 23:25.30. 11th place Mackenzie Painter 23:40.21.  57th place Jasmine Chaparro 31:21.50.  70th place Casanda Willson 36:32.30.

For the H.S. Boys Individual Results:  10th place Andrew Emberton 18:57.60.  21st place Taylor Boxold 19:49.70.  34th place Smith Seth 20:23.20. 37th place Mason Dos 20:26.40. 45th place Corey Eden 20:48.60. 74th place Jordon Kemp 22:57.00. 74th place Dylan Sexton 28:43.7.          

For the Middle School Boys’s Team Scores: Cookeville came in first place with a score of 49, followed by Station Camp    49, Merrol Hyde 64, Oakland 83, Smyrna 121, T.W. Hunter 156, and Macon Co. 172.

Middle School Girls’s Team Scores: Cookeville came in first place with a total score of 51, followed by T.W. Hunter    57, Macon Co. 58, Station Camp 96, Oakland 103, and Smyrna 146.

Logan Hernandez of Macon Co. Middle School placed fifth among all other schools with a time of 16:05.4.  13th place for Macon was Maddy Miller 17:00.30. 14th  Cora Krynick 17:01.20. 25th place Jessica Seehafer 18:43.20. 27th place Bethany Graves 18:48.40.  33rd place Mikayla Tranthem 19:04.70. Boys: 15th place Carson Cunningham 14:45.80. 36th place Cody Lau 17:17.40. 38th place Brandon Lau 17:36.00.  43rd place Eric Davis 19:11.40. 44th place Jacob Doss 19:27.80. 46th place Jacob Sewell 20:51.80. 47th place Eli Doss 22:03.60. 24th place Colton Eden                19:31.90.  39th place Kannon West 24:11.20. 40th place Marshall Avera 25:37.21.