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Macon County Soccer League Game Report Week 4 October 9, 2010

U4 Division
*Game time 11:15am
Seth Blankenship's Lime Green team played Anita McClard's Tangerine team
Score:   Lime Green 29 – Tangerine 3

Scoring for lime green was Chloe Blankenship 15 goals, Mattie Goad 7 goals and Elyssa Waldron with 7 goals.   Coach Blankenship said the girls played well and thanks to all the parents.

Scoring for tangerine was Kelley McClard 1 goal, Omar Onate 1 goal and Ashlyn Phelps 1 goal.  Coach McClard extended a "Good Effort!" to the team.

*Game time 11:45am
Jay Green's Red team took on Courtney Brawner's Purple team
Score:  Red 26 – Purple 4

Scoring for red was Valerie Kirby 19 goals and Taylor Green 7 goals.  Coach Green reported that Valerie and Taylor played an awesome game and "Go Big Red!"

Scoring for purple was Kaden Woodard with 4 goals.  Coach Brawner reported that all players had a great game and played well together.

U6 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Joey Flower's Purple team played Ronda Paredes Tangerine team
Score:  Purple 6 – Tangerine 4

Scoring for purple was Hayden Wix 5 goals and Kyra White with 1 goal.  Coach Flowers commented, " a great game between the Tangerine and the Purple teams."  Hayden Wix led the scoring with 5 goals while Kyra White followed with 1 goal.  Brady Driver, Elijah Meador and Emma Davis did a great job playing defense and assisting in the goals.  Jasmine Cruz played great goalie defense.

Scoring for tangerine was Stone Donoho 3 goals and Julissa Martinez with 1 goal.  Coach Paredes reported that everyone gave it their best and said "I am very proud of them!"

*Game time 9:45am
Rhonda Cothron's Turquoise team took on Susan Steven's Red team
Score:  Turquoise 9 – Red 5

Scoring for turquoise was Allison Thompson 4 goals, Willie Osorio 2 goals, Cole Runyon 2 goals, and Colin Cothron with 1 goal.  Coach Cothron reported that Cole Runyon and Allison Thompson played great defense while Colin Cothron, Willie Osorio, and Tristan Newberrry played well at offense.  Coach Cothron extended a "Great job boys and girls!" to the team.

Scoring for red was Roxy Barber 2 goals, Carson Green 1 goal, Cadence Carter 1 goal, and Austin Woodard 1 goal.  Coach Stevens added that also playing well was Kyra Gregory and Will Stevens.

*Game time 10:30am
Kyle Turner's Royal Blue team played Kasi Hire's Lime Green team
Score:  Royal Blue 4 – Lime Green 2

Scoring for royal blue was Katelyn Austin with 4 goals.  Coach Turner reported that Karson Meador, Delaney Turner, Kaneeka Wright, Kennedy Marshall, and Riley Bolton all played well.

Scoring for lime green was Logan Wilson with 1 goal and Kadie Hire with 1 goal.  Coach Hire said Abby Berry, Kelan Hire, Lanna Kittrell and Conner Johnson played a great game and Kaydence Walrond did a wonderful job defending the goal.

U8 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Eric Carver's Purple team played Wendell Jones' and Chris Woodard's Turquoise team
Score:  Purple 3 – Turquoise 2

Scoring for purple was Kailen Donoho 2 goals and Kindal Luddick with 1 goal.  Coach Carver said that all players worked together well and played a great game.

Scoring for Turquoise was Eli Woodard with 2 goals.  Coach Jones and Coach Woodard reported Wesley Talley, Kara Case, Caroline Steva, Abby Shoulders, Eli Woodard, Kaitlyn Driver, Jose Martinez and Tyler Jones all played very well and also added that Purple team played a very good game.

*Game time 9:45am
Wesley Clayborne's Tangerine team took on Rachel Dulworth's Lime Green team
Score:  Tangerine 4 – Lime Green 0

Scoring for tangerine was Brandon Nunez 3 goals and Brookelyn Meador with 1 goal.  Coach Clayborne reported, along with the goal scorers, Gavin Clayborne, Issac Kirby, Logan Whittemore, Eli Austin, Emily Ward, Taylor Ward, McKenzie Wix and Abby Kemp played really great!

No report was turned in by the lime green team.

U12 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Bryan Morgan's Tangerine team played Craig Cothron's Purple team
Score:  Tangerine 5 – Purple 2

Scoring for tangerine was Parker Smith 3 goals and Spencer Morgan with 2 goals.   Coach Morgan reported playing well offensively were Parker Smith, Spencer Morgan, Caleb Clark, Morgan Carter, and Jake Hulme while Chloe Donoho, Kaylee Case, Juwan Hernandez, Mallory Graves, Megan Scruggs, Simon Brawner, Hannah Hulme, and Zach Goad turned in a good defensive performance.

Scoring for purple was Jordan Powell with 2 goals.  Coach Cothron stated, " The team played well and showed a lot of improvement today."  Good defensively were Bryli Nichols, Isaac Marshall, Brooklynn Edwards, Alexandria Edwards, Brianna Winsett and playing well offensively were Jamie Ashburn, Jonathan Martinez, Jordan Powell, Katelyn Cothron and Keely Wilkerson.  A good goalie performance was turned in by Addison Wright.

*Game time 10:30am
Carol and Edmundo Chaparro's Turquoise team took on Perry Knight, Adam Steva, and Shane Diller's Lime Green team
Score:  Turquoise 6 – Lime Green 1

Scoring for turquoise was Connor Chaparro 3 goals, Joshua Hauskin 2 goals and Jared Hill with 1 goal.  Coaches Carol and Edmundo Chaparro reported Ethan Wakefield, Joshua Hauskin and Connor Chaparro played well at goalie.  Cameron Wohlgamuth played well at both offense and midfield while Shayla Ochoa played well defensively.

Scoring for lime green was Catherine Kemp with 1 goal.  Coach Knight reported that the team played well together overall, but just couldn't hold off a good performance from the turquoise team.  Catherine Kemp scored the only goal for lime green with a hard shot from inside the 18 yard box that found its way into the back of the net.  Carlos Hernandez and Keely Carter played well along with Catherine Kemp at the striker position.  Leah Steva turned in a magnificent performance in the midfield making many key tackles along with some very good passes.   Jeremiah (Yimmy) Pinzur, Mia Brawner, Ben Bray, and Autumn Mathews also played well in the midfield.  Sam Denney stood out at the right back position with several key tackles that could have ended up as turquoise scoring chances.  Mike Steva, Nick Knight and Hunter Carver gave it their all on the back line for the lime green.  Hannah (Gracie) Steva shined in the keeper position turning back many turquoise shots and also made good kicks that started several lime green counterattacks.  Coach Knight would also like to thank Lisa Steva and all the parents for their great support of the team.

U18 Division
*Game time 10:30am
Carl Dobb's Red team played Bobby Hill's Lime Green team
Score:  Red 7 – Lime Green 1

Scoring for red was Shawn Kemp 3 goals, Kendrick Carter 2 goals, Micah Schanel 1 goal and Caleb Anderson with 1 goal.  Coach Dobbs said, "This team is playing very well together.  Let's keep up the hard work."  Coach Dobbs also added that playing well were Micah Schanel, Caleb Anderson, Kendrick Carter, Nicholas Hill, Kayla Anderson, Alex Hill, Gabe Johns, Dylan Turner, John Griffith, Shawn Kemp, Rachel White, Drew Pharis, Mary Meador, and Ethan Phillips.

Scoring for lime green was Aundrea Swanson with 1 goal.  Coach Hill reported Kyle Dell'Auila, Steve Dell'Aquila, Claudia Hulme, Nathaniel Hulme, Aundrea Sanson, Emily Kemp, Jose Hernandez, Robert Hill, Daniel Moore and the whole team did a great job! Coach Hill also added that the team is improving as the season goes along.

*Game time 12:00pm
Larry Dallas' Tangerine team took on David Denney's Turquoise team
Score:  Tangerine 5 – Turquoise 0

Scoring for tangerine was Ben Cook 2 goals, Caleb Centers 1 goal, Daniel Ashburn 1 goal and Frank Hernandez with 1 goal.

No scoring for turquoise team, however, Coach Denney reported that everyone played a good game against a very tough opponent.  Coach Denney was very pleased with the team's second half performance stating that it was "much better" than our first.