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Macon County Soccer League Game Report

Week 6 10-23-10

U4 Division
*Game time 11:15am
Jay Greenís Red team played Anita McClardís Tangerine team
Score:  Red 26 ñ Tangerine 1
Scoring for red was Valerie Kirby with 18 goals and Taylor Green with 8 goals.  Coach Green, ìThe team played an awesome game!  Go Big Red!î
Scoring for tangerine was Omar Onate with 1 goal.

*Game time 11:45am
Seth Blankenshipís Lime Green team took on Courtney Brawnerís Purple team
Score:  Lime Green 30 ñ Purple 6
Scoring for lime green was Chloe Blankenship 22 goals, Mattie Goad 7 goals, and Elyssa Walrond with 1 goal.  Coach Blankenship said, ìI am so proud of my girls this season and thank you to all the parents.î
Scoring for purple was Kaden Woodard with 5 goals and Kyra Carver with 1 goal.  Coach Brawner said, ìI am very proud of my team.  They played very well together.î

U6 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Joey Flowersí Purple team played Rhonda Cothronís Turquoise team
Score:  Purple 6 ñ Turquoise 1
Scoring for purple was Hayden Wix 2 goals, Brady Driver 2 goals, Braylon Flowers 1 goal, and Emma Davis with 1 goal.  Coach Flowers reported all the team played great!  Scoring was led by Hayden Wix and Brady Driver with 2 goals each.  Braylon Flowers and Emma Davis followed with 1 goal each.  Kyra White and Elijah Meador assisted with great offense and defense.  Jasmine Cruz played another great game of goalie defense.
Scoring for turquoise was Allison Thompson with 1 goal.  Coach Cothron reported Kylee Frasier, Tristan Newberry, Allison Thompson, Cole Runyon, Colin Cothron, and Willie Osorio all played well.  The team has shown great improvement throughout the season.

*Game time 9:45am
Ronda Paredesí Tangerine team took on Kasi Hireís Lime Green team
Score:  Tangerine 6 – Lime Green 2
Scoring for tangerine was Christofer Paredes with 5 goals and Stone Donoho with 1 goal.  Coach Paredes reported the whole team played very well today and pointed out good offensive play from Julissa Martinez.
Scoring for lime green was Kadie Hire with 2 goals.  Coach Hire said, ìEveryone had a good game!î

*Game time 10:30am
Kyle Turnerís Royal Blue team battled Susan Stevensí Red team
Score:  Royal Blue 5 ñ Red 3
Scoring for royal blue was Katelyn Austin with 4 goals and Delaney Turner with 1 goal.  Coach Turner also highlighted Karson Meador, Kennedy Marshall, and Kaneeka Wrightís good performance today.
Scoring for red was Cadence Carter with a hat trick, all 3 goals.  Coach Stevens reported also playing well was Austin Woodard, Roxy Barber, Carson Green, Will Stevens, and Kyra Gregory.

U8 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Eric Carverís Purple team played Rachel Dulworthís Lime Green team
Score:  Purple 2 ñ Lime Green 1
Scoring for purple was Kyndal Luddick with 2 goals and Emily Ashburn with 1 assist.  Coach Carver said, ìThe team played great together today and it has been a great season working with these kids and parents.î
No report was submitted from Lime Green.

*Game time 9:45
Wesley Clayborneís Tangerine team took on Wendell Jones and Chris Woodardís Turquoise team
Score:  Tangerine 7 ñ Turquoise 0
Scoring for tangerine was Brandon Nunez with 4 goals and Logan Whittemore with 1 goal.  Coach Clayborne reported Gavin Clayborne, Isaac Kirby, Eli Austin, Emily Ward, McKenzie Wix, and Abby Kemp all played really good offense and defense and said, ìI am really proud of my kids.î
No scoring was reported for turquoise.  Coach Jones and Coach Woodard reported Wesley Talley, Kara Case, Caroline Steva, Abby Shoulders, Eli Woodard, Kaitlyn Driver, Jason McMillan, and Tyler Jones all played very hard.

U12 Division
*Game time 9:00am
Craig Cothronís Purple team battled Perry Knight, Adam Steva, and Shane Dillerís Lime Green team
Score:  Purple 3 ñ Lime Green 2
Scoring for purple was Brandon Lau with 2 goals and Jonathan Martinez with 1 goal.  Coach Cothron reported playing great defensively were Alexandria Edward, Brianna Winsett, Keeley Wilkerson, and Callie Cothron.  Playing great offensively were Jamie Ashburn, Jonathan Martinez, Jordan Powell, Brandon Lau, and Katelyn Cothron.  Also a good midfield performance was turned in from Isaac Marshall, Brooklynn Edwards and Nash Wagner along with great goalie play from Addison Wright.
Scoring for Lime Green was Jeremiah ìYimmyî Pinzur with 1 goal, Hunter Carver with 1 assist, and 1 Own Goal.  Coaches Knight and Coach Steva reported a see-saw game between Lime Green and Purple and a great game for the parents and fans to watch.  ìYimmyî Pinzur sent a bullet in on a corner kick from the left side that came off a Purple played to level the match at 1 goal apiece.  ìYimmyî then scored another after receiving a great pass from Hunter Carver to put Lime Green up 2-1.  That lead stood until the dying moments when Purple mounted a heroic charge scoring 2 goals late and getting a big win.  The coaches also pointed out great play from Mike Steva defensively along with Mia Brawner, Nick Knight, and Sam Denney.  The midfield saw spirited play from Keely Carter, ìYimmyî Pinzur, Ben Bray, and a great performance from Leah Steva.  Up front were Catherine Kemp, Hunter Carver, and strong play from Autumn Matthews.  Hannah ìGracieî Steva turned in another fine game as the net minder.

*Game time 10:30am
Edmundo and Carol Chaparroís Turquoise team took on Brian Morganís Tangerine team
Score:  Turquoise 8 ñ Tangerine 5
Scoring for turquoise was Connor Chaparro with 7 goals, Joshua Hauskin with 1 goal and 2 assists, and Jared Hill with 1 assist.  The coaches reported a good game from everyone.  A great goalkeeping performance was turned in by Ethan Wakefield.  Kaitlyn Stone, Gabe Jones, Shayla Ochoa, Colleen McClard, Isaac Wakefield, and Cameron Duncan all played well on defense.  Logan Duncan, Jared Hill, and Cameron Wohlgamuth had a good game in the midfield.  A great offensive performance was turned in by Olivia Belton, Joshua Hauskin, and Connor Chaparro.
Scoring for tangerine was Spencer Morgan 2 goals, Parker Smith 2 goals, and Caleb Clark with 1 goal.  Coach Morgan said, ìAll my players did an outstanding job.  I am very proud of the effort that was shown today.î

U18 Division
*Game time 10:30am
David Denneyís Turquoise team battled Carl Dobbsí Red team
Score:  Turquoise 4 ñ Red 2
Scoring for turquoise was Moses Pinzur 2 goals, Tyler Steen 1 goal, and Winston Sandifer with 1 goal.  Coach Denney reported, ìA big day for the Turquoise team as they put a win down against the red team.  We played a very good first half with several scoring chances.  A big thanks to Tyler Steen and Jesse Denney for their good showing in goal.  Amanda Denney, Derrick Lau, Ryan Tucker, Hunter Sullivan, and Jonathan Pinzur all had a good day in defensive positions.  Samuel Thomas, Samantha Matthews, Travis Carver, Cody Lau, and Tonya Michael had an outstanding game in the midfield.  Winston Sandifer and Moses Pinzur had a great day offensively.
Scoring for red was Shawn Kemp with 1 goal and Micah Schanel with 1 goal.  Coach Dobbs said, ìThe team has played hard, but need to pull it back together.î  Playing well were Micah Schanel, Caleb Anderson, Kendrick Carter, Nicholas Hill, Kayla Anderson, Alex Hill, Gabe Johns, Dylan turner, Autumn Smith, John Griffith, Shawn Kemp, Rachel White, Drew Pharis, Mary Meador, and Ethan Phillips.

*Game time 12:00pm
Larry Dallasí Tangerine team took on Bobby Hillís Lime Green team
Score:  Tangerine 7 ñ Lime Green 2
Scoring for tangerine was Caleb Centers 2 goals, Chris Wisdom 2 goals, Ben Cook 1 goal, Brad Centers 1 goal, and Frank Hernandez with 1 goal.
Scoring for lime green was Steven DellíAquila with 1 goal and Nathaniel Hulme with 1 goal.  Playing well for lime green were Jacob Barber, Kyle DellíAquila, Steve DellíAquila, Claudia Hulme, Nathaniel Hulme, Aundrea Swanson, Emily Kemp, Marshall Avera, Ryan Avera, Jose Hernandez, and Robert Hill.  Coach Hill also added, ìA great job by the team which has shown improvement since the beginning of the season.î