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The Book I Recommend

Recommending something is a risky business. There are multiplied millions of books on the market, but many of them are worthless, not fit to read.  I’ll stick with the book that I’ve read and known to be good and valuable for one to read.

I want to recommend the world’s best seller- the BIBLE. Here are some reasons I recommend it:

1. It is God’s word. Over 2,000 times the expression, “thus saith the Lord” is found, he speaks to us.

2. It reveals to us God. The universe presents God to us a Supreme Being. However, without the Bible we do not know who He is.

3. It is incomparable. It is differs from the books of men – Koran, Book of Morman, creeds, books of discipline- all of which are superfluous, not needed, waste of time to read in search of eternal life.

4. It will judge us. We’ll all be there and it will judge us (John 12:48).

There was a time when America sought to pattern its life after the Bible, but today cheap magazines and books, immoral television and movie stars have become the pattern and society continues its course away from our Creator.

A nation not guided by the Bible will some day collapse. The same is true of religious groups. Islam is destined to fail. Her supporters have their own God, Allah, and their own Bible, the Koran. False gods and false bibles are pointless in the presence of the living God.

We need to study the Bible. “A Bible stored in the mind is worth a dozen stored in the bottom of one’s trunk.” “The Bible should be bread for daily se, not cake for special occasions.” I found the above quotations in my files with no identification as to their authorship.

When we aren’t guided by the Bible, then we loose God. A women didn’t know what to do about her two incorrigible boys. A neighbor said she had a boy like that and she took him to her parish priest, the mother of the two said, “I’m not Catholic but I’ll try anything.”

One boy was taken to the priest and the priest said, “Where is God?”

The boy answered nothing.

Again the priest said, “Where is God?” Still the boy said nothing.

And so for the third time the priest asked the same question.

The boy ran out and said to his brother, “Let’s get out of here. They’ve lost God and they’re pinning it on me.”

The politicians, educators and many religious leaders have lost God because they no longer believe in the bible.