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This is Just the First Inning


devil’s ballgame isn’t over. This is just the first inning. The good guys haven’t
been to bat yet. Don’t throw in the towel now. Just wait to the ninth inning.
Then we’ll knock the devil out of the stadium. The good people of America aren’t
going to cower down to the forces of destruction.


people in the hands of the devil himself would sell guns to drug dealers of our
next -door neighbors. There is an eleventh commandment: “Thou shalt not get
away with it”. Go after them. Throw the bums out! Our own people have been
killed by this unforgivable act. Somebody in D.C. is responsible. It appears
that some people in Sodom don’t like this country and want to se it destroyed.
Let all the haters of America beware!


in the bullpen are warming up and the batters are ready to go on deck. Just
wait ‘till the ninth inning. The ninth inning will come in 2012. Never, never
give up. The devil likes nothing better than to discourage and destroy the good
people of a nation. Our children deserve to grow up in the nation in which we
grew up and love. Say “no” the renegades in D.C. and elsewhere, lest they
create a living nightmare for our children. These devils may be winning in the
first inning but the righteous citizenry of this nation haven’t been to bat
yet. The World Series is just around the corner and we’re gonna win!


politician, who had changed his views rather radically, was congratulated by a
colleague who said, “I’m glad you’ve seen the light”.  “I didn’t see the light”, came the reply, “I felt the heat”.


turn up the heat in our own community and all the way to D.C. For me, I’m
filling up my tank with plans to warm things up and expand my views to other
communities. All liars beware! Many of us love our communities and our nation
and we don’t plan to allow liberals in D.C. and highbred hillbillies in our
communities to force their lies and other immoral acts upon the decent people
who walk the streets and hills of America.


thought: “ A rooster took his hens to see some ostrich eggs and said to them, “I
just want you to see what can be done”.