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Jr. Bulldogs vs Clinton Co., KY


played Clinton County, KY Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in Albany,” said RBS Junior
High Football Coach BJ West.

started a little sluggish on defense allowing a long TD run after the runner
broke 4 tackles at the line of scrimmage on a 3rd and 12, reversed field
and ran 55 yards for the game’s first TD.  It was the last
time the Bulldogs of Clinton sniffed the end zone though. The defense
settled down and hemmed in the competition to minimal yardage for the remainder
of the night.  Defensively, the Bulldogs of RBS finished with 4 tackles
for loss (2 by Jeffrey Nelson) and 4 turnovers–one recovered fumble and 3
interceptions (Justin Bergdorff, Josh Tirjan, and Jordan Powell). 

After we regrouped on
the following kick off, the offense marched steadily down the field with
huge contributions from Tyler Carlisle, Michael Tirjan, and the offensive
line. Tyler ran downhill all night. He did a wonderful job being patient
and allowing the line to open up some holes for him. He had TD runs of 10,
37, and 70 yards. Tyler also added 3 2-point conversions, he was 2 of 4
passing for 56 yards, and rushed 19 times for 191 yards. Michael did a
fantastic job of lead blocking for Tyler and he also added a 9-yard TD
carry to the offensive production. As mentioned earlier, “opening
holes” is excactly what the Line was doing. I was really proud
of them. This was the best the offensive line has played together all
year.  Ben Bravo was the stand-out with 2 pancake blocks. Wesley
Fleming and Jeffrey Nelson were also solid. Our tightend (Josh Tirjan) has been
pretty solid for the last few weeks. This was the first game where I found
myself very pleased with the play of our wide receivers. They did an
awesome job blocking on the perimeter and no one dropped any passes. Chance
Asberry and Lucas Powell were solid contributors to our offensive success. They
blocked very well and Chance caught 2 passes for 56 yards.  All told,
we gained 268 yards of total offense. 

Lineman Players of the Game:  Ben Bravo, Jeffrey Nelson, and Wesley

Skill Players of the Game: Tyler Carlisle, Michael Tirjan, and Chance

Hammer Award: Tyler Carlisle had the biggest bone-crushing hit of
the night on defense.  Trevor Jenkins and Billy York also get a Hammer
Award for their huge hits on special teams.

Next game is
scheduled for next Tuesday night at Cannon County.  Kickoff is set at 7:00
PM.  I hope everyone that can make the trip, will please come out and
support their Junior Dogs as they set out to improve their record in the
“W” column.