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RBS Jr High Boys Basketball Action


 By Wally Etheridge      

  The Red Boiling Springs JR. High boys were coming off a loss to Celina and were in no mood to let the Smith County Owls stick around very long as they used their full court pressure defense to force the Owls into numerous turnovers as they raced out to a 19-10 first quarter lead and never looked back.The final score of 50-28 could have been a lot worse because the Bulldogs were shooting lights out. At one point in the first quarter the Bulldogs scored 9 points in 52 seconds.

         Tyler Carlise and his brother Seth led the first quarter outburst by stealing the ball and with help from the outher starters Chance Asberry and Chase Long and Wesley Fleming. The first quarter outburst of the Carlise boys was a total of 17 points between them plus a long 3-pointer from Chance Asberry.
          The second quarter was also big for the Bulldogs as they scored 15 points behind the hot shooting of Chase Long with 6 points and Seth Carlise with 7.Cole Dziekiewicz chipped in with 2 points as the show was on for these kids. Now it is halftime and the Bulldogs lead 34-18.
           With this game well in hand Bulldog coach Dustin Mckinney would empty his bench as a lot of those kids would get a chance to put points on the board and that was just what they did. A third quarter lead of 42-24 would keep this game out of reach for the Smith County boys. The Bulldogs would add 8 more points in the fourth quarter to win this game going away 50-28.
            Bulldog scoring for the night-Seth Carlise with 16-Tyler Carlise with 12-Chase long 7-Dustin Bergodoff-4-Cole Dziekiewicz-4 Chance Asberry-3 Wesley Fleming 2- Chris Ray 2.

  The Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs kept up their winning ways as they had little trouble with the kids from Hermitage Springs who were outmatched from the get go winning going away 50-31.
          Once again the catalyst for the Bulldogs was their full court pressure defense causing turnover after turnover and the Wildcats fell behind early and that is not going to work against a much quicker team as the Bulldogs jumped out to a 32-13 half time lead and were never threatned the second half.
           Wildcat coach Matt Walker does a good job with his kids but he had no answers to give them in order to turn this game around. Ihave a feeling the Wildcats will be ready when they get the Bulldogs on their home court.
            Red Boiling Springs coach Dustin Mckinney starter using his bench in the third quarter with Cole Dziekiewicz and Tim Jones plus Bailey Anderson got into the game early in the third quarter. Every kid on his bench got into the game and this is a good thing because these kids work just as hard as the starters and when you have the big leads then it is time for the pine tar boys to see some playing action.
             Scoring totals for the Bulldogs—Tyler Carlise with 24-Seth Carlise with 10—Chase Long with 6—Bailey Anderson with 4—Tim Jones 2— and MichaelTirjan with 2 points and Chance Asberry with 4 points.
              We need to mention Bulldog center Wesley Fleming who does not score a lot of points but his rebounding
and defense clogging up the middle sure helps.