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Mr. President, Buy Your Energy Secretary A Duck

The story is told of an elderly lady who was in the market for a watch dog. Eventually she purchased what was described as an excellent guard dog. To her dismay the dog had a hard time staying awake. Instead of barking and scaring off varmints and thieves, this highly recommended guard dog would sleep. She told her story to a friend, who quickly solved her problem. “I’ll tell you what,” she said, “I’ve got a duck who is a buddy to my watch dog, and everytime my guard dog tries to go to sleep, the duck pecks him on the nose and quacks.” So she continued, “Come over to my house and get my duck and  he’ll break your dog of his sleepy habits.” She did, and her friend was right. Peck, quack, peck, quack. Soon the dog was weaned from his sleepy habits.

I’ve recently concluded that President Obama’s appointees, at least most of them, are asleep or the job, especially his Secretary of Energy. One night last week I was listening to the Secretary discuss energy prices, and this carpet bagger from Japan said he wanted gas prices in America to reach the price level of European countries, which is $8.00 or $9.00 per gallon. He must be asleep. Does he realize what would happen to this nation? Just take our own Macon County or Sumner County Tennessee- every farmer and every sawmill owner would be out of business. It would force all citizens who drive a long distance to work to either move or give up their jobs. School systems would be forced to suspend transporting students back and forth to school. Mr. Obama’s Secretary of Energy is either asleep on the job or else he doesn’t care if this country goes bankrupt. Mr. President buy him a duck, and just maybe the duck can wake him up. He is, in my opinion, one good reason not to vote for you.

While you are at it, Mr. President, just buy a truck load of ducks for most of your appointees have gone to sleep on the job. They seem more interested him building soccer fields foe the terrorists at the tune of $750 thousand, so the terrorists at GITMO can practice kicking the soccer ball, which, I admit, is better than throwing bombs. And what about that ugly duckling, as some call her, who wants to give $2 or $3 thousand dollars to college girls to buy birth control devises so they wont go broke? Well Mr. President, I pray for you every day, and you need our prayers, seeing you have surrounded yourself with so many nuts, I wonder if she is math proficient? Has she ever stopped to figure how many birth control devises that amount of money would buy? She s either dumb or else she is dreaming.

Quick, Mr. President, before gas goes to $9.00 per gallon, contact the unions and arrange for trucks to go North and South, East and West, loaded with ducks to wake up the sleeping. Enemies of Democracy. And if you don’t mind, throw your “EnemyCzor” and “Set Specialist” from LA on one of the trucks.

Quack! Quack!