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Look What Radical Liberals Are Doing To Our America

This is our America.  It is the land in which we were born.  It is the land of freedom, of opportunity, but radical liberals are seeking to deprive us of our many freedoms and to micro-manage the lives of the weak that had rather trade their freedoms and opportunities for a “mess of pottage” and wait for the mailman or an electronic devise to reward them.  Folks, no “piece of the pie” is worth losing one’s freedom and opportunity.  Those who seek to rob us of these great blessings are enemies of this country and all who have shed their blood for it.

            Here is one graphic illustration of an upcoming dictatorship.  Last week a marine for ten years was discharged from the Corps because he criticized Obama, and was denied a portion of the income coming to him.   In other words, he was discharged for exercising his constitutional rights, which includes the right to criticize, even the President of the United States.  However, it never includes the right to lie as the present politicians are doing in D.C.

            What about our two Senators from Tennessee and our Representative taking the lead in defending this marine?  No policy supersedes the Constitution and don’t try to suggest it does.  Let every American citizen defend him.

            In June of last year it was found that only a few school children have learned about the history of this country.  Instead, book publishers have been pressured into rewriting history to further the goals of the left socialist agenda.  They publish books with no moral values, and attempt to paint radical Muslims, and not Christians, as the ones who have been persecuted.  These same radical liberals are responsible for advancing the cause of the so-called “Gay Rights” in school systems.  If radical liberal fanatics control our educational system for more than two generations, whey will suffocate the truth about this great land.

            Many of our schools of higher learning have been infiltrated by leftist radicals who lecture our young people on ways to bring about the economic and social collapse of America.

            How long, oh how long are we going to let this radical liberal regime and its cadres control the education of our children from elementary school through college?

            Please, God, deliver us from four more years of these anti-American politicians who want to change America into their godless image.  I read of a politician who had changed his views rather radically who was congratulated by a colleague, who said, “I’m glad you’ve seen the light.”

            “I didn’t see the light,” was the reply, “I felt the heat.”

            When the politicians “feel the heat” things will get better.  It is up to us to apply the heat.

            God bless America!  The real and only God is always spelled G-O-D.  There is one God (Ephesians 4:5).