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Comparing Obama to Lincoln

What arrogant elitist or egghead professor conjured up the comparison of Obama to Lincoln?  This is the biggest joke of the twenty-first century.  The culprit must believe that the American people are so dense that political wool can be pulled over their eyes with little difficulty.  What gall to compare Obama’s miserable four years of administration to that of Lincoln’s great years of freeing the slaves and unifying the states of this great land?

            Mr. Obama is hot and heavy on the 2012 campaign trail, begging for just four more years to carry out his plans.  Four more years, in my opinion, would finish America “Me thinks he fiddles while Rome burns!”

            Compare Obama to Lincoln and here is what we get:

            Lincoln freed the slaves and unified the States of America; whereas, Obama has introduced the weak-minded to socialism and divided the country.

            Lincoln got his education from borrowed books beside the light of a fireplace; whereas, Obama got his education in the back rooms of Chicago politicians where he learned every trick of the political trade.

            Lincoln gave every poor man forty acres and a mule; whereas, Obama gave so-called stimulus money to every wealthy banker and manufacturer.

            Lincoln promoted the one God; whereas, Obama promotes both Jehovah God and Allah.  Sorry, Mr. Obama, there is just one God (Ephesians 4:5).

            Lincoln stood in the fields of Gettysburg and delivered his famous Gettysburg Address, calling for peace and unity in his beloved America; whereas, Obama stood not in one but many foreign countries and condemned his own country, apologizing for it.  To run down your own country to your enemies is unforgiveable.

            Sorry, I see no comparison between Obama and Lincoln unless it is the fact that both belong to the male species.

            Americans cannot afford to give Obama four more years.  I think too much of my grandchildren to vote to give him four more years.

            God Bless America!