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38th Annual RBS Basketball Camp


Participants in the 38th Annual Bulldog Basketball Camp are: Emma Woodcock (age 6), Maxie Wilson (age 6)m Makayla O’Dell (age 5), DeAwndn’a Polks (age 5), Lee Clark (age 11), Dustin Wood (age 11), Braydon Massengille (age 7), Mason Hix (age 10), Hayley Smith (age 12), Courtney Clayburn (age 10), Dalton Hudson (age 6), Rhiannon Hix (age 8), Elizabeth Anderson (age 9), Zander Hale (age 7) and Tamra Murphy (age 12). RBS Basketball Players that assisted coaches Larry White and Michael Owens with the camp were: Olivia Atkins, Hanna Smith, Kalisha Lynch, Katie Hix, Kelsey Jenkins, Mackenzie Sadler, Ashlyn Murphy, Mayson Burgener, Kaitlyn McCarter, McKenzie Hix, Sydney West, Alexis Ouellette and Emily Gregory. The RBS Bulldog Basketball Camp was started by Lady Bulldog Coach Larry White 38 years ago in order for each child to learn the fundamentals of basketball, a key ingredient of a successful basketball player.