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Liberals Choke on Chicken Bones


All the way from D.C., across the Potomac, down through Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky, multiplied millions were awakened from their sleep to the sound of coughing, gagging, and other unknown sounds. What in the world?  Some asked. It was not until the next morning, when their televisions were turned on to Breaking News which read:  Countless millions of liberals almost choked to death last night when they heard that their plot against Chick-Fil-A had boomeranged. The worst part, reported by some, though not confirmed, was a ‘certain congressman’ sitting on the steps of the Capital, flapping his arms like a chicken, and crowing like a rooster and chanting, “Don’t buy chicken at Chick-Fil-A.”  Upon hearing that the liberal’s boycott against Chick-Fil-A had failed and multiplied millions were rushing to Chick-Fil-A stores, according to one source, the congressman cried, whipped out his cell phone, and called his new wife and said, “honey, get over here quick, we’ve got to organize a “kissing party” in the front of all Chick-Fil-A stores.”  It is difficult for me to believe this story.  Perhaps it was started by the Tea Party.  However, since the congressman said two days before the financial collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, both were in strong financial condition, I guess I can believe this story.

President Obama, that congressman, and others are killing the Democrat Party with the promotion of same sex marriage. Sixty five percent of all democrats, according to one poll, now support same sex marriage. 

In my opinion, the only way the liberals can clear their throats of chicken bones is by a big dose of Bible knowledge; read Leviticus chapter 18:22 and Romans chapter 1:24-27.  Of course, they don’t believe the Bible, for if they did they would know that marriage is between a man and a woman.

By the way, in the future I’m going to eat at Chick-Fil-A more often.  Liberals, your little ploy against the owner of Chick-Fil-A stores may cost you your election.  Stupidity is the mother of failure.