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“The Welfare Kid”

Some have dubbed President Obama “The Welfare Kid” because of his liberal give-a-ways to welfare recipients.  President Clinton cut out much of the waste in welfare and made it mandatory that those receiving welfare had to work.  But a new day has dawned and those on the welfare roll have increased in numbers with 46 percent of Americans getting food stamps.  Furthermore, under the Obama Administration, work is no longer required.  Reading a book is considered sufficient for one to receive welfare.  I can’t help wondering if the reading of playboy magazine qualifies one to receive welfare.  We are told that 40 percent of Americans are now keeping up 60 percent of the American population.  Taking from those who work and giving it to those that don’t is the order of the day.

            While the U.S. is only 400 years old, she has outdone the other nations economically.  France and Britton are 1000 years old, China 3000 and Egypt 5000, but the U.S. economic history is far beyond these nations.  All this time the U.S. has been leading the word politically and economically.  However, the last 4 years have been a disaster.

            No work, only play, has been the cry of a socialist administration.  Four more years of the same philosophy and America will be on its way to becoming a third world