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Seven French Fries, But Hold the Hamburger

The lavishly dressed wives of D.C. politicians have decided that the children and youth of America are too fat and they intend to do something about it.  Apparently, some of them haven’t looked into the mirror lately.  It doesn’t bother them when their husband’s pilots crank up the government planes and away they go on a spending spree, including $200 steaks and $100 cocktails, and all at the expense of the American taxpayer, while the poor little children of our nation eat their seven French fries.  That’s right, the do-good liberals of D.C. have exerted enough influence over the federal powers that be to hand down to the school systems of American a daily menu that is robbing our children of food and sending them home hungry.  And when they have hamburgers on the menu they can’t have French fries.  They have to be on separate menus.  Fries, but not with hamburger, and there can be no more than seven fries.  Suppose a compassionate cook were to place 10 fries on a child’s plate, what would be her punishment—10 days in BI without pay?

            I doubt if the President’s family dines without the traditional hamburger and fries.  Keep it up do-gooders, all liberal Democrats, and ya’ll will make Republicans out of America’s children.

            We know being fat isn’t good for us but, the last time I checked, we are living in America.  So living in America we have the freedom to eat what we want and as much as we can hold.  I’m not trying to promote bad eating habits, but I don’t like the direction our country is going—A King, and the rest of us peasants.

            Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but I “ain’t” cooperating.

            Michelle and all the other ladies in D.C. need to come and visit the Upper Cumberland’s poor school children and watch them eat breakfast on a Monday morning after having gone a weekend without food.

            By the way, you Country Club Republicans who have jello in your back bones are no better than the liberal Democrats who have ruined this country and are on the way to destroying it; you should call the hand of the these menu changers.

            These people are an oxymoron—eating the best of foods while America’s children go hungry.  Our government has authorized food stamps for Mexico; but put our children on a low calorie diet—too low.

            Please be advised that the local school system didn’t plan these menus.  No, they were hatched in D.C. 

            God Bless America!