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Liberal Democrat’s Attack on Christianity

The religious freedom granted by the Constitution is continually under attack by the liberal democrats.  Prayers have been removed from school walls.  Countless school districts have been sued for not complying with anti-Christian rules.  Obama stopped the National Day of prayer.  Obama and his followers leave out the term “under God” when they say the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  The grinning monkey does too; Biden that is, but did he did not leave it out prior to Obama?  Nope!  But forgive him, for he knows no better.

            I don’t appreciate any politician attacking my religion—Christianity and I don’t intend to stand by and allow it to happen; that is, without a rebuttal.

            The liberal Democrats are killing the Democrat party.

            And all who vote to give Obama four more years are voting against both their children and grandchildren.  America cannot stand four more years of what she has experienced.

            Obama cannot bring down America unless we allow him to do it.  If this country falls, it will be our fault.