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A Nation That Has Forgotten God


            Evolution teaches people to deny God.  We have become a nation that has forgotten God.

            1.  We have murdered 30 million unborn babies in the last 20 years.  We call it abortion; the Bible calls it murder.

            2.  The Bible says that homosexuality is contrary to nature and God (Romans 1:27).  We call it gay or alternate lifestyle—the Bible calls in an abomination.

            3.  The United States uses more grain to make alcohol than to make bread.  For every dollar collected for alcohol taxes, it costs $11.64 to only try to repair the damage done by drinking. 

            4.  The Bible speaks of drunkenness.  We call it alcoholism, sickness, or disease.  The Bible calls it sin.

            5.  Crime in our country costs taxpayers 2 billion dollars per year—53% of all crime is caused by alcohol drink.

                                    From the Voice of Truth, Volume 27

                                    By Kenneth McClain           

                                    Thanks to Mr. McClain for his sobering truths—Jimmy Cook