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Appreciating Macon County


            There are those in Macon County who seem to be unable to appreciate the good about our county.  We are growing faster than any rural county in Middle Tennessee, but many fail to appreciate our excellent quality of life.  Some want to dismantle the good and substitute for it that which is inferior.

            Lafayette continues to grow at a rapid rate and can truly boast of numerous quality amenities. 

            Our county would have been nothing if it had not been for Tri-County and North Central.  Both are ahead of the times and are the envy of many rural areas.

            An excellent small hospital, a great ambulance service, and Air Evac have made us more secure and saved lives.

            The two nursing homes and the two assisted living facilities are some of the best in the entire area.

            Though we prefer not to think of funeral homes, but must at times, Anderson & Son and Alexander are owned and operated by some great people.  In RBS, we love and appreciate Wayne Anderson and his wife LeAnn.

            It is unreal how much the Nestle Water Plant has contributed to the welfare of Macon County.  We owe a debt of gratitude to John Cook for his vision and work in recruiting this company.

            The shopping area in Lafayette has brought in thousands and thousands of tax dollars in recent years.

            And I’m not boasting, but stating the fact, there is no better school system in the area than in Macon County.  The majority of administrators and teachers are excellent and work hard.  Some of our students go to top notch colleges and universities.  From RBS, which I know best, students from last year’s graduating class are enrolled at Auburn, Memphis State, and Tennessee Tech.

            And I dare anyone to find better banks anywhere than Macon Bank and Citizens Bank—both have enhanced Macon’s economy.  It was a great day, several years ago, when Bill Green and Charlie Darnell took over the reigns of these two banks.

            Consider also how the young farmers of Macon County have made agriculture a vital part of our economy.  You fellows have my admiration and best wishes.     

Oh yes, thanks to Twenty/Twenty of RBS for the beautiful signs entering the town.

            And thanks to the school in RBS for your recent achievements, we are proud of the RBS School and all the other schools beginning with the excellent school at Westside

And thanks to the Macon County law enforcement officers in Lafayette and RBS who continually put themselves in harm’s way to protect our citizens and this great county.

            All of us, including the Westside community, Lafayette, and RBS must cooperate and work toward a more superior county.  We must be unified and we must develop leaders who are capable of keeping up with our progress.

            One more thing, but even most importantly—don’t forget how Christianity has shaped our county into a better place to live.