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Jackson County Smacks RBS Bulldogs

The Jackson County Blue Devils really took it to the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs on Saturday Janurary 19th in Gainesboro. The Lady Blue Devils won 46-26 and the Blue Devils also won 72-44.

The Lady Bulldogs continued to make way too many mistakes and Jackson County took advantage of those mistakes in posting their big win. The Lady Bulldogs fought hard for the first quarter and trailed only 10-7 going into the second. The second quarter on this night was the turning point in this game as Jackson County outscored the Lady Bulldogs 19-6 to take a half-time lead of 29-13 and for this night the Lady Bulldogs could not get back in this game.

First half scoring for the Lady Bulldogs was Mayson Burgener with 6 points,  Katie Hix with 5 points, and Kalisha Lynch had a 2 point basket. Third quarter scoring totals for The Lady Bulldogs was Mayson Burgener with 3 points while Kalisha Lynch with 2 free throws and Katie Hix and Kaitlyn McCarter both had a free throw. By the end of the third quarter the Lady Blue Devils led by a score of 46-20. Scoring in the fourth quarter was a mere formality as this game had been decided a long time ago. This is one of those nights you just as soon forget but there were 4 8th graders who got to play in their very first high school game. Those girls were Abby Tuck-CayleTuck-Lauren Henson and Shaylee Ellingson.

The Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs had high hopes that they could sneak up on the Blue Devils and surprise them and maybe even take a win. Jackson County let the Bulldogs hang around for the first quarter leading the Bulldogs 17-13 but they were just teasing the Bulldogs. The second quarter was the turning point as the Blue Devils outscored the Bulldogs 16-4 to take a lead at the half, 33-17.

The Bulldogs played well the first quarter as Nick Deckard came out smoking by scoring 7 points while Skylar Holden and Alex Mullinex both had 3 pointers. The second quarter was a killer for the Bulldogs as they managed only 4 points on a basket by Nick Deckard and 2 free throws from Skylar Holden and the Bulldogs found themselves trailing 33-17.

The third quarter was not very productive for the Bulldogs as they managed just 9 points with 3 of those points coming from Dallas Greanead and 4 from Alex Mullinex and 2 from Zane Roberts. The Bulldogs hit their stride in the fourth quarter by scoring 17 points on 2 big 3 pointers while Nick Deckard stayed hot by scoring 7 big points and 5 points from Skylar Holden. The productive quarter helped the Bulldogs confidence a little because scoring points has been a problem for the Bulldogs all year long.

Red Boiling Springs heads to Watertown this Tuesday night the 22nd. With a good effort and some smart basketball the Bulldogs might pull off a big upset. The Lady Bulldogs return face Watertown who led the Lady Bulldogs for three quarters the last time they played before losing to the Lady Bulldogs by 10 points.