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What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down?

It happens, doesn’t it?  The best of people have their world turned upside down.  One of my favorite biblical passages is also very sad, yet real: “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble” (Job 14:1).  Every day, all across the world, people are having their world turned upside down.  It may be a devastating storm, an accidental or premature death, an act of violence, or other countless things.  We all have this in common:  they turn our lives upside down.

            Over the past two years, I have been involved in events which have turned my life upside down.  First, our grandson was injured seriously in a wreck, leaving him paralyzed and perhaps unable to walk for life; then my wife had five bypasses, both resulting in multiple economic and emotional problems.  But by the grace of God we have survived.

            Senior citizens have had their world turned upside down by the Obama Administration—first, their insurance and now their Social Security is being threatened.  Did you know that if senior’s today have their social security taken away that 51.4% of seniors in Kentucky will be living in poverty, while 54.8% in Tennessee will be living in poverty.  When FDR pushed the Social Security Act through congress, it was his aim for it to be a retirement fund and to be paid in during the working years of a person’s life, not to be squandered by liberal politicians in the future.  Four billion dollars wasted on golf trips and vacations in over five years, and now the elderly are being threatened by the same people who have wasted America’s wealth.  The only answer is to be found in the grace of God.  We must not give in to the ruthless and corrupt politicians of today, but stand our ground and seek guidance and help from God who has the power to undo the liberals, the radical Muslims, and the drones which some in DC are using to threaten Americans. 

            Paul and other apostles turned the world upside down with the gospel—that was the right way, and that is the way we must pursue, and not be overcome by those who are trying to turn our world upside down in an effort to overcome us.  These people want to turn us upside down to control us.  Let’s be Christians and stand our ground for righteousness.  I’ll never give in to the conspiracy for the radical Muslims to take over America and make it an Islamic State governed by Islamic Laws.  I’ll never give in to the doctrine that Islam is as good as Christianity, and that their founder is as good as Jesus Christ.  The fact is, and it doesn’t frighten me to write this, Christianity is the only religion of Devine authority.  All the others have their origin in the twisted minds of men seeking power.

            The Judgment will reveal the truth.