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“…We Need Help. Amen.”

A Baptist preacher prayed this brief invocation at the Texas legislature on January 11, 1989:  “Our father please read our lips.  We need help.  Amen.”

            All kinds of statements are made in these times to describe the current mess coming out of D.C.  However, few of them actually describe the colossal mess the Liberal Democrats and Country Club Republicans have created for us while spending tax dollars like sowing wheat or oats.  Just last week we learned that the liberals in D.C. have included in the budget a million dollars for a study of which foods to eat on Mars so as to insure that those who make it there will not become sick.  Hey, Mars is uninhabited.  All the little green men live in D.C. and work at the White House.  God, “we need help.  Amen.”

            At a college job fair, a man bumped into one of his school’s guidance counselors.  I can’t seem to find a career that intrigues me,” he said.  “What are your interests?”  He asked.  “I like to take things apart,” the man said, “but I hate putting them back together.”

            “Son,” replied the advisor, “you ought to consider politics.”

            Well, from D.C. to the capital in each state, it seems that most of the politicians have this in common:  they like to tear things apart.  The administration in Tennessee’s capital seems to be bent on taking things apart—fixing things that aren’t broken.  The 87 adult education programs in our state have recently been reduced to less than 50.  Macon County has been thrown in with big Sumner County; in spite of the fact Macon’s adult education has been a great success with countless adults getting their GED degree.  Now, and how dumb, the same wrecking crew is working to do away with our fifteenth judicial district, forcing citizens of this district to travel countless miles to other towns for justice issues.  How stupid!  It isn’t broken; therefore, it doesn’t need fixing.  Neither are the adult education programs in Tennessee including Macon.  God, “we need help.  Amen.”