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We have talked to you readers before about just how good the Gordonsville Lady Tigers are in High School softball and once again this powerful juggernaught has drilled their competition and this time it was the Lady Bulldogs of Red Boiling Springs as the Lady Tigerettes took home a 10-0 victory.

The Lady Bulldogs got a single from Connor Murphy in the first inning and Olivia Atkins drew a walk in the fifth and final inning. The Lady Bulldogs played very hard but when you are playing one of the best teams in the state you are going to have a hard time scoring because they just have way too much for the competition to handle. This Gordonsville team may have the best team in the state and there is just nothing you can do.

Most of the Lady Tigerettes play travel ball in the summer and that experience along with the talent make them odds on favorite to win the state tournament. The Lady Bulldogs did not lose this game rather the Gordonsville girls simply have the better team.

The Lady Bulldogs will face Jackson County on Thursday April 11th and face a much improved lady Blue Devil squad. Please continue to come on out to the games and support your friendly home team.