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God’s Provisions…Man’s Mess-ups

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above” (James I: 17), but man, since the dawn of civilization, has been busy messing up all that God has given to us.  God instituted marriage for human kind, but it wasn’t long until ignorant and evil men perverted God’s plan for the union of one man and one woman.  Special thanks to the Willette Church of Christ for their timely add in last weeks Chronicle.  The Scriptures used, in this add, condemned homosexuality and thus same sex marriage.  It is time for all congregations to stand for the truth of the Bible. 

            God’s world is beautiful but man has marred it with his sins.  God gave us the Bible to guide us in living godly lives, but man has ignored it and traveled the path of his own choice.  Some of his paths are dangerous for they seek to pervert God’s gifts and ways.

            Islam is a graphic example of wicked man’s efforts to undo God’s plan of Christianity.  We must stand against this violent religion now, if our children are to inherit and enjoy a peaceful America tomorrow.  What happened in Boston last week on a part of two Muslim brothers is another warning that Islam’s goal is to make America and Islamic state.  This is further proof of our need and right to own a gun.  I find it difficult to understand why Left Wing Democrats hold-up the hands of radical Muslims.  Furthermore, I also can’t understand why Country Club Republicans like John McCain, voted to make it difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase a gun.  He was in essence voting against the Constitution which allows us to arm ourselves.  Left Wing Democrats, Country Club Republicans; Bah humbug!  I think I’ll just be an independent.

            By the way, every person who voted for the liberal mess out of D.C., and who minimizes the efforts of Islam will face God in judgment, and if they don’t repent, will be held accountable for the little girl whose leg was blown off in Boston and her little brother who was killed.  Radical Islam did it.

            God Bless America!