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Subsidizing the Terrorists Who Come to America

Was it a shocker?  Not really!  Even before Obama took office the liberals had passed a bill to subsidize the immigrants coming to America—rent, food, medical needs, and scholarships to college.  Guess what?  The two terrorist brothers while living in their apartment for 10 years were living rent free, eating food that was free, going to college free—all paid for by our American taxpayers, and all the while they were developing plans to bomb the Boston Marathon, which they did.

            How do you think the parents of the little boy that was blown to pieces, and the little girl who had her leg blown off, and the adult who was killed, along with over 250 person’s injured feel to know that the taxpayers of this country were funding two people who would cause untold misery to countless people?   What kind of message is this sending to other terrorists—come on over, we’ll keep you up while you draft plans to kill other innocent people.  And the Obama cult didn’t want suspect number two questioned.  Why?

            And while all this was going on, the Obama cult was holding up the hand of murdering abortionists and declaring they would continue to fund Planned Parenthood,  and why?  So babies can be killed.  Such as has been done by the Pennsylvania doctor, who according to reliable sources was sticking scissors in the back of babies that live after the abortion and then clipping the spinal cord of the babies.  Will the doctor be found guilty when the trial ends?  I doubt it.  He’ll probably be given a plaque, but his trial won’t be over, no, he’ll have to meet God in the judgment.  And God is no Obama cult member.  Hang him!  That would be scriptural read Romans 13: 1-7.

            God Bless America!