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Does God Care?

“…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you (IPeter 5:7).  During the three years of His ministry, Jesus “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38).  He was moved with compassion by the poverty, disease, and grief that he witnessed.  He wept with those who were hurting.  He worked to help those who were suffering physically and spiritually.  His entire life was proof of the concern of His Father for humanity.

            The pews are filled on Sunday mornings with those who claim to be walking in the steps of Jesus, but something is missing in too many of them—the heart of Jesus.  There is a vast difference in claiming and doing.  Oh, the meeting house where they assemble has the right name on the front but some of the members don’t have the right practice, for unlike God and Christ, care for others is missing.  Thank God for the few congregations which care for its members and people of the community who need compassion.  If God cares, and He does, how can the uncaring church goers, for that’s all they are, call themselves godly?  Show me their godliness and I’ll show you their hypocrisy.

            A lady church member comes home from the hospital after major surgery, unable to cook or do any of the many things she is accustomed of doing, but though there is a congregation in her community only two Christian ladies come to see her.  No minister, no elders, no others of the congregation.  No wonder there is a lack of respect for a congregation that does nothing but come to church.  “Few there be that find it.”