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Before the Mayflower Landed…

Our forefathers were smart.  In fact they were geniuses, for they carved out of the wilderness a paradise and enacted rules and laws that enabled the newcomers to enjoy a freedom that would increase as America grew and became the symbol of liberty and the land of opportunity.  Before the pilgrims landed, the men on board drew up rules to live by for they knew without rules to govern them their adventure would be a failure.  The rules became known as the Mayflower Compact and became a guiding light to multiplied millions that were soon to land on the shores of North America.

            Unfortunately, these men of wisdom par excellence were in later years succeeded by idiots in D.C. who are attempting to run America with rules rooted in their own misguided philosophies.  There were no liberals, baby murderers, homosexuals, or parasites on the Mayflower.  The ones who were allowed to leave debtor prisons to make their journey to the new land stood head and shoulders above the so-called leaders in our country who have messed us up.  How can the so-called conservatives in D.C., including some of the Republicans who are flirting with the views of Liberal Democrats, stand by and allow the White House Bunch to ignore laws while shredding some laws.  A current illustration of this is an attempt by the White House to have George Zimmerman tried again for something that he has already been exonerated from and by law he cannot be tried again.  There are some so-called leaders in this country who are fanning the fires of violence hoping that the masses of people throughout the land will march for a case that according to the law is already closed. 

            Some may not like it, but those of us who believe in this country and our laws need to “stand our ground.”  Otherwise, we will wake up one morning and our freedom will be gone.