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The Need For Peace

In my viewpoint, there are very few awards that are respected as much as the Peace Prize.

            The prize was part of Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament.  I didn’t know until recently that he was the man who invented dynamite in 1866.  In a few years he had a total of 20 factories and laboratories all over the world for the research and development of his invention.  But in later life, he saw how his invention could cause great harm, and was hurt by it.  I am told that when he was on his death bed that he set rules for the Nobel Prizes, the most important of which would be the Peace Prize.

            The best way to spread peace is by spreading God’s message all over the world, the gospel of peace.  Christians have their arguments, but especially some preachers.  Preachers should be peacemakers, and not peace breakers.  Some use tactics that are not rooted in love.  Others are ignorant of the truth and create a disturbance.

            There are those in the community who are far from peace loving souls, who by their crude manners retard the improvement of the community in which they live.  I don’t know about you, but I have no respect for peace breakers who adorn themselves with ignorance while they parade around in their hillbilly wardrobe.

            Don’t forget, too, the White House has been far from peace-loving.

            Pray for America!