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The Difficulties of Life

We’ve all heard it said, “Life is not a bed of roses.”  That’s true.  One can do all that is right, and strive to be all that one is supposed to be, and still difficulties will arise.  Some troubles occur because of the choices family members or friends make or have made.  Some troubles come as a result of our own decisions.  Then some occur as the result of living in an imperfect world.  But there are also inward troubles.  Sometimes we are upset, maybe angry, or worried, or depressed, struggling with life.

            We can’t blame God for our difficulties, for he didn’t create them.  However, he does permit us to experience them.  Without them, we would never become strong.  We are not self-sufficient, and we need to learn that.  This is why we need to be close to God at all times.

            The Christian life is not problem-free living.  It is bound up in the strength of God.  To know God and to honor him no matter what the difficulty is should be the Christian goal. 

            Right now, not tomorrow, we have a major difficulty facing all of us:  Will we take back America with all of her liberties and great values, or will we allow Hillary Clinton to be elected President and follow in the steps of Obama, reducing America to a third world country and robbing all of us of the freedom our fathers, grandfathers, yea, grandfathers fought for and died?  Pray to God daily about this problem.  Lift up your voice in sincerity and honesty and defeat the destructive plans of liberals and untrue Americans.  The enemies of the Constitution and true Democracy must not be allowed to destroy our nation.  Be a real American and a real Christian and lift up your voice for the America we once knew.

            God Bless Us!