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Rabbit Gender and Religion, Plus Politics

            A teacher brought a rabbit to her first grade class.  It was passed around to all the children and all were impressed.  One boy raised his hand and said, “Is it a boy or a girl?” 

            The teacher replied, “I’m not sure.” 

            A little timid girl raised her hand,

“I know.”

            “How?” questioned her classmate friends.

            “Let’s vote on it,” said the little girl.

            The above is suggested in the Cybersalt Digest and appears in a recent issue of House to House and Heart to Heart.

            The above is highly suggestive.  If the boy won, would that make the rabbit a male?  Maybe the rabbit was a female.  It is amazing how many religions vote on matters instead of consulting the Bible.  I even heard of one congregation of the church of Christ that voted on who to employ as their new preacher, allowing both women and children to cast a vote.  Where is the authority for this?  I know of a denominational group which voted on a man as to whether he had been saved and was worthy to become a part of their religious group.  God only knows who is saved or lost, and man has no business playing God.  When man conforms to the Bible, God saves him no matter how the vote may go.  If we would all go by the Bible, then there would be no need of holding an election.

            Look what a mess we have in this nation because men have not followed the Constitution but have injected their own pre-conceived opinions into the operation of this nation.  We have a Bible, so consult it instead of taking a vote in matters of doctrines and morals.  We have a Constitution, so consult it instead of taking a vote against it. 

            God bless our nation, including all of God’s people.  Have a good week.