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The Politicians In D.C. Have Filled Their Bellies With The East Wind

Should a wise man utter vain knowledge and fill his belly with the east wind? (Job 15:2).  Here is how the Contemporary English Version renders the preceding passage:  Job, if you had any sense you would stop spreading all of this hot air.  Eliphaz was supposedly a friend of Job.  All of us know from the Old Testament the tremendous suffering of this man.  His fair weather friend is accusing him of blaming God for his troubles and suggesting that all of Jobs speeches were nothing but hot air out of the reservoir of his belly.  Eliphaz is saying, Job instead of filling your belly with knowledge and common sense you have filled it with so much east wind which was a bad wind in that region.  By falsely accusing God Eliphaz was wrong, he misjudged Job.

However, this section of the Bible could very well be directed toward the politicians in D.C. for they have filled their bellies with the hot air of intellectual liberalism and have supported the liberal news media to the extent that coffee shops, barber shops, college classrooms, and countless other places have become the mouth pieces of the intellectual liberals whose bellies are filled with hot airopposition to the Constitution and Christianity.

Fellow citizens, it is later than most think.  And it makes me sad that a once good party of the working man and of freedomthe Democrat Party has been used by the protruding bellies of hot air.  The Republican Party is no better, for they have allowed these enemies of America to ride rough shod over the greatest nation history has ever known.  It is scary to see the President give billions in recent days to Iran, a nation of dangerous Muslims who would like nothing better than to take us over while senior citizens and abused children suffer from a lack of necessities of life.  Pray that the people in power will stop this run a way train or else our children will be subjected to the tyranny of radical Islam in years to come.

God Bless America!