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Mommy Memoirs: Baby Brother Turns One

altMy youngest son turned one last week.

Technically, the world will now refer to him as a toddler (What the what?!). 

Since he is our last baby, it seems like every milestone becomes more bittersweet than the last. 

It’s funny how time works isn’t it?

Before having kids, a year feels like forever. Post-kids however, a year zips by in the blink of an eye. 

I mean, most of the time we parents don’t even know what month it is until it’s almost over. 

And the more kids you have, the faster the clock hands tick.

Time becomes a constant conflict between enjoying the tiny humans they are growing up to be and being heartbroken that, one day soon, they won’t be so tiny anymore. 

I may have said that I wasn’t going to go overboard on his beach ball themed birthday party, but one jump house/water slide combo rental, a piñata and a photographer later, I was clearly in denial.

And I’m totally okay with it. 

I mean, a baby only becomes a toddler once, right? 

His older brother still thinks he hangs the moon and has given him several strange yet endearing nicknames including ‘Baby Butt’ (also refers to himself as ‘Big Butt’) and ‘Baby Bumble’ (from the Baby Bumblebee song he learned at daycare).

I don’t know how much time I have before the tender moments between them begin to dwindle, so I’ll just keep fulfilling my mom duties by dressing them in matching outfits and taking photos captioned #brotherlylove and #besties while they’re still too young to object.

In honor of my youngest’s first birthday, I’m including this awesome meme that totally made me LOL. 

I mean it’s definitely not 100 percent true, but little brothers sure do make some pretty amazing playmates!