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Woman Arrested for Stalking, Running Female Courthouse Employee Off Road

Katrina Katherine Jordan, age 42, of Lafayette, was arrested last week for stalking and reckless endangerment after threatening a woman and running her off the road.

According to the affidavit of complaint filed by investigating officer Sergeant Joseph Woodard of the Macon County Sheriffs Department, this is the sixth incident where Jordan has threatened and followed the same woman.

The victim, Molly Jones, is an employee at the Macon County Courthouse and was returning to work from her lunch break when Jordan pulled into a parking space and the incident occurred.

“Jones locked her doors and started to leave to avoid confrontation when Jordan started yelling at her and beating on the hood of her car,” the report says. “Jones continued to back out when Jordan came to the driver’s side door and was beating on the window and tried to get the door open. At this time, Jones was in the lane of traffic. Jordan then tried to break off her driver’s side mirror. Jones proceeded to drive away and Jordan was still holding onto the mirror. Jordan finally fell off the mirror.”

After the victim was able to get away, she drove away and met Jordan again in the roadway as she approached the post office.

“Jordan came into Jones’ lane of travel, causing Jones to run off the roadway at the post office,” states the report. “Jones was able to finally make it back to work at the courthouse.”

The investigating officer goes on to list four other incident report numbers involving Jordan threatening and following Jones, and one date when Jones spoke to an officer but did not file an official report.

Jordan was arrested and charged with stalking and reckless endangerment on October 24. Her bond was set at $5,500. She is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on November 22 and January 12.