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Man Drinking Beer in School Traffic Arrested

Venancio Tiul-Pop

By Jessie Williams 

A 25-year-old Lafayette man was arrested last week after an officer directing school traffic, observed him drinking a beer.

According to the affidavit of complaint filed by arresting officer Deputy Darrell Taylor, of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred on March 12, 2023 while Taylor was directing traffic as school children were being let out. 

The report states that Venancio Tiul-Pop was traveling east on Meador Drive in a red, 2007 Chevrolet sedan, when he did not stop as directed to by Officer Taylor. 

When Mr. Pop got to where the officer was standing in the roadway, Deputy Taylor noticed that he was drinking a beer, and he opened Mr. Pop’s car door and yelled for him to stop. 

Mr. Pop then accelerated as the officer had hold of the door handle, causing the handle to break off in Deputy Taylor’s hand.

The incident was reported by radio, and a bus driver was able to get Mr. Pop’s license plate number. 

The vehicle was later found at Colter’s Trailer Park on Baker Drive, where officers proceeded to knock on the door and announce their presence. 

Officer Taylor recognized Mr. Pop from the incident, as he ran down the hallway, and he was apprehended and charged with driving under the influence, violation of implied consent law, financial responsibility violation and obedience to law enforcement. 

Pop’s bond was set at $4,500, and he is scheduled to appear in general sessions court on April 5, 2023.